May is International Doula Month

For International Doula Month I thought I’d share a bit about what I and some of the doulas on our team love about this work and what brought us to being here. 

breastfeeding support

I often meet expectant parents who are very anxious about their upcoming birth—the pain, the things that may be done to them, the great unknown of it all. They are so relieved to find a person who can help walk them through this uncertain new territory. As I say parent here I mean both the person giving birth who will be personally experiencing the contractions and medical aspects, and their partner bearing witness to and supporting them through that time. As much as the intensity of contractions are hard to bear for the person experiencing them, it’s also difficult to see someone you love in pain. Our support as birth doulas is wrap around—for the whole family. I love helping people find their strength and confidence in their role—giving birth or supporting their partner in giving birth, and in parenting. When coming to support families as a postpartum doula they are again, often feeling uncertain and anxious and finding relief in the support of a person to guide them down this new path. Breastfeeding concerns often top the list, right next to fussy baby and when will I ever sleep again? My goal is always to help people find their confidence and come to a place of not needing my support—I have succeeded if they no longer need me. My heart glows when I feel I’ve been able to relieve someone of some of their anxieties.

Birth Doula Amber Hohl providing support

Birth Doula Amber Hohl providing support

Amber: “Eight years later, I am still amazed that I have a career that is also my passion. I feel it is beneficial to have a doula because of the support and education one provides. I feel like a tour guide of birth knowing my families can pick any route they want while still being supported without judgment. That can come to life in many ways and my families know that no matter where their birth and postpartum takes them, I am there to help them navigate the journey. “

Rebekah: “I love every aspect of being a birth doula, except for maybe the sleep deprivation. I love prenatal appointments and discussing birth preferences and needs with families. I love getting called to a birth, knowing that my presence is going to help a family through this incredible time. I love witnessing parents meeting their baby for the first time, and I love seeing that relationship grow in follow-up appointments.”

birth doula support

Manon: “My favorite part of being a doula is seeing the immense strength and power that the birthing parent demonstrates in the act of giving birth. It is one of the few moments in life during which we can witness courage, sacrifice, joy, faith, vulnerability, and above all, love, all wrapped up together in one single act. It is such an honor to be invited into a birth space and witness this act while support families on this amazing journey.”

Lisa: “I especially love seeing the development of back-and-forth communication between parents and their babies that leads to growth and learning.  I particularly enjoy teaching in small groups, where it is possible to listen closely to families so we can focus on the information most useful to them.”

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All of the doulas here at Calm & Confident Doula Care have a passion for supporting new families to thrive and have positive birth and postpartum experiences. This is beautiful work we do and we are so grateful to be invited into your homes and birth rooms during this special time. Thank you!