The Gold Package


This is our most popular birth package, and similar to what most other doulas in the community are offering. Want a bit more? Try the Platinum level of support.

Your doula is available throughout pregnancy and postpartum via email, phone and text.

•    First prenatal meeting (around 36 weeks generally, usually 2-3 hours in duration): Discuss any particular concerns or thoughts you have about the pregnancy, your care provider, etc.; create and draft birth plan; work through pain medication preferences and pain coping techniques; discuss how to gather information for making the best choices for you as interventions are suggested; address your fears and concerns about the upcoming birth process (to include, as needed or desired, practicing pain coping techniques and role-playing advocating for yourself during labor), discuss how we can work together as a team, what you want from your doula at the birth, discussion of amount, type etc. of pictures you'd like your doula to take, discuss partner support and other topics, as needed or desired.

•    Second prenatal (around 38 weeks generally, usually 2-3 hours in duration): Discuss any new concerns you may have; review the birth plan and discuss care provider's comments; discuss and review signs of labor starting and what to expect postpartum- emotionally, physically, lactation, newborn care, newborn behavior, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, and any other particular concerns you may have; prepare a postpartum plan.

•    On Call for the Birth: Your doula will be available to you, 24/7 beginning from approximately 38 weeks onwards, although will likely have no problem attending if you go into labor before this time. You are always welcome to call with questions or concerns.

•    Attend Birth: Your doula join you when you choose and will stay with you, providing support for as long as it takes to have your baby, and about an hour or so afterwards. It is common to spend 8 or more hours with a family, often as much as 12 hours. During this time your doula will provide encouragement, support with coping with contractions, massage, relaxation, visualization, suggestions for changing positions to enhance labor progress, help in making decisions about the medical management of the labor and support for the non-birthing parent. Your doula may take pictures for you and may communicate with family members in the waiting area at your direction. After the birth, your doula will help to settle the room, ensure everyone gets a chance to eat, take pictures, and help with the initial baby feeding. Throughout labor your doula is available for whatever you may need beyond medical needs, whether it be food, a cool washcloth, support for difficult decisions or help through the contractions. Your doula supports you with whatever decisions are made.

•    First postpartum (3-5 days postpartum):  Your doula is there for you to provide lactation support; newborn care information as needed, emotional support, and resources for any particular challenges.

•    Second postpartum (approximately 3 weeks postpartum): Your doula returns for a final visit to check in on baby feeding, postpartum adjustment and recovery, newborn care, discuss perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and provide any needed resources. Your doula will also give you a timeline from the birth that will facilitate processing the birth.

Freshman $850; Sophomore $1050; Junior $1500; Senior $1700