The Platinum Package

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Includes everything described in the Gold Birth Package - 2 prenatal and 2 postpartum visits, attend the birth, email and phone support.

The Platinum package also includes one private 3 hour individualized childbirth education class with Melinda Ferguson, Owner, Mentor and Lead Doula at Calm and Confident Doula Care, LLC. We will draw upon Melinda’s 14 plus years of experience and advanced trainings to gather the specific information you need to prepare for birth, or life with a new baby.

Topics may include your choice of:

  • pain coping skills (breathing, positions, relaxation, feeling good)

  • pain medication options (benefits, differences, trade-offs).

  • positions and activities for an efficient and uncomplicated birth (similar to Get That Baby Out)

  • informed consent— what are my options, what questions to ask

  • common procedures and what to expect from the medical management of labor (induction, epidural, C-Section, etc.)

  • emotional support for labor

  • how to be a great labor support person 

  • postpartum physical recovery

  • breastfeeding basics

  • learning to understand your baby’s cues

  • newborn care

  • prevention, signs and home support for postpartum depression and anxiety

  • navigating the transition of bringing a baby into your relationship

Freshman $1000; Sophomore $1200; Junior $1650; Senior $1850