Postpartum Services

My Postpartum Doula Care

The work of a postpartum doula can be summed up as making life easier for families. My work is always changing and can range from emotional support during the enormous psychological transition of becoming a parent to practical help such as meal preparation and grocery shopping.  I often attend workshops to further my knoweldge in supporting families in the postpartum time.  I also regularly train new postpartum doulas at Bastyr University and independently using a DONA Approved curriculum.

Emotional Support

Becoming a parent changes your reality base and reorganizes ones way of being from a “self” centered being to a caregiver. For some this happens smoothly, while for others this change can be quite stunning and difficult. For most people it takes some time to become comfortable as a parent. There are enormous pressures on new parents to “do everything right”. Many first time parents are naturally anxious and concerned about their baby’s well being. It is my goal to help parents become more confident and at ease in their new role and help reduce their anxieties through reassurance, support and information.

I am trained in recognizing the signs of postpartum mood disorders and we can discuss this at any time if you feel something is not right.  This is an area in which I'm particularly well educated and experienced in supporting.  There are options for treatment to get you back to enjoying parenthood!

Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding challenges can be scary, exasperating and painful. It is not uncommon to have some uncertainties or difficulties in the early days of breastfeeding. I can help you assess if your baby is latching on correctly, getting enough milk, discuss breast pump use, and feeding frequency. I've attended extensive continuing education on lactation and have contacts with many lactation consultants and educators throughout my service area whom we can contact if your challenges go beyond my training and experience.

Newborn Care and Instruction

Many new parents have had little experience with newborns. You may not be familiar with how to soothe a crying infant, bathe or swaddle a baby or developmental milestones. I can help you become comfortable with caring for your child and knowing what to expect.

Additionally, I can care for your baby while you get a much needed nap, or shower or take some time to catch up with your spouse or tend to other household needs.


I have a ready list of resources to call on over a broad range of needs including:

  • Breastfeeding educators, supplies and support groups
  • Perinatal mood and anxiety disorder support groups and therapists
  • Massage therapists; infant massage; craniosacral doctors
  • Midwives; Naturopathic doctors; family doctors; childbirth educators
  • Birth doulas; birth centers; childbirth educators
  • Mom’s groups; play groups; childcare resources; postpartum yoga
  • And more!

Sibling Care and Light Housekeeping

When your new baby arrives, somehow outside life must go on. Your older child or children will need attention, groceries purchased, meals made and laundry and dishes done. I can help with these things too.  For some families this is the majority of my support!

More Information

I encourage you to visit the DONA International to read their position paper on postpartum doulas.

Postpartum rate: $40/hour

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Serving Seattle, North King and South Snohomish Counties with Birth and Postpartum Doula Care

For more information, please contact me at or 425-876-5049.