I believe families can benefit greatly from the help of a caring, supportive, and knowledgeable person at their side during the enormous life changes that occur in the childbearing year. I provide this with my doula care in birth.


Many women (and sometimes their partners too!) are apprehensive about their coming birth. Through my calm, confident emotional support I reduce fear and anxiety in the birth experience. We will have several prenatal meetings for you and your partner to explore your various support needs with me and prepare for the extraordinary birth of your child. I've worked with many anxious and fearful parents to be and I want you to have the best birth experience possible!  Follow this link for a compilation of research articles (Cochrane Review) on the value of doula support with respect to Cesearean and pain medication use.

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The early postpartum time is one of enormous changes physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is also a time of changing relationships between all the members of the family, physical healing and exhaustion and extreme hormonal fluctuation. As postpartum doula I help make this time easier with my knowledge, gentle understanding, and assistance.

When overcome with postpartum depression or anxiety gentle nurturing care and having a good listener can make all the difference. I can step in with clear information, resources and referrals to help guide new parents through what can be an incredibly difficult time. By having shifts often throughout the week in your home I can provide a strong framework of support beyond therapy. I can help get you out of the black pit of doom.

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