Many people anticipate their upcoming birth with fear or even dread.  Perhaps you are concerned about the pain of contractions, feeling forced into unnecessary interventions, or it all just feels overwhelming. I can help you find your Calm and Confidence!

Are you the support person for an upcoming birth but feeling you’re not sure how to help your person get through the intensity of labor?  I can help guide you to be helpful at the birth, and knowledgeable about the process.  I can also provide you with the space to step back from the intensity of labor for a break or take on lead support if desired.

I would love to help you have a birth experience where you feel well supported, make well informed decisions and enjoy the special day you welcome your baby into your family.

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Many new parents are nervous about feeling overwhelmed, sleep deprived and struggling with breastfeeding when they welcome their new baby into the family. Or maybe you worry about not being able to settle your baby when fussy and overtired.  I can help you have the skills you need to care for yourself and your baby, as well as help you get a break for your own recovery from birth.

As your postpartum doula I look forward to helping you enjoy the early days with your newborn feeling supported with nurturing and education!

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