Get That Baby Out!


Have the tools you need to give yourself the best chance of a smooth and easy labor.


Want to avoid days of stop and start false labor?

Want to avoid a C-Section for "failure to progress"?

Want the 8 hour labor instead of the 30 hour labor?

Be actively engaged in helping your labor to progress and Get That Baby Out!

Then this class is for you! We don't make any guarantees about exactly how your labor will unfold-- but we'll give you the tools in your toolbox for giving you the best chance at a smooth and efficient labor.

Private class can be arranged at any time.

Registration is for expectant parent and 1-2 support people.

September 17, 2019 (full)

October 15th, 2019

November 19, 2019

$75 for General public and $50 for Calm & Confident Doula Care clients.

October 7, 2019

November 4, 2019

December 2, 2019

$75 for General public

Take this class! It’s all about different stretches and positions you can do before and during different phases of labor to make things move along efficiently. They also tell you options for if you have an epidural. It was fun! We learned a lot. Definitely makes birth feel like a team sport. This should be part of everyone’s routine prenatal care.
— August 2019 student

Class is taught by Melinda Ferguson, Advanced Certified Doula with DONA International- 15 years experience attending births, and extensive continued learning on activities and positions for encouraging labor progress. Some classes are taught by Rebekah Gilley, CD(PALS), personally trained by Melinda and with additional formal training in labor progress techniques.


Understand the Basics of how a baby moves through the pelvis so you can OPTIMIZE movement

We will give a brief overview that includes a look at more than just the bones of the pelvis, but how a baby fits and moves through the bones, ligaments, and other soft tissues as well as what influences how easily this happens.


Activities in Pregnancy

Activities you do while pregnant can help your body be ready for a smooth labor. We will give you many ideas for how to get ready for an efficient labor. Start early and stay consistent for best results.


Making space for baby movement

Positions and movement in Labor

Being active in labor helps make progress-- but which activities really help a baby find it's way out? We'll fill your toolbox with activities that are most effective for each stage of labor. 

Come down and out little one! Your parents are eager to meet you!


Welcome little one! Your parents are so glad to meet you on the outside!

Welcome little one! Your parents are so glad to meet you on the outside!